Welcome to In-House protcols!. This page is developed and maintained by Arun H. Patil, Ph.D. This portal contains list of bioinformatics-based software tools developed by Arun and his team for various research projects published in reputed international journals. In here, they provide list of protocols that are currently in practice and can assist in expediting the research in key deciplines by sharing the knowledge. Researchers, college students and professors can write to include their contributions and ideas to be published on this page. The contributions of the individual will be peer-reviewed and further acknowledged if it gets selected for publishing on this online portal. No fees is charged for publishing their article here. However, an appropriate title of the protocol is necessary. Also, the authors/contributors need to adhere to the laws of publishing an article, where the following rules are met:
1. Ethics and privacy of the research is considered.
2. No plagarized article is accepted.
3. Shouldn't reproduce an article from other resource.

This portal is NOT a professional publishing journal. This will post your views and comments involving protocols followed in day-to-day research. This portal being a common point for referening to "what to do? and how to do?" in science. We will reach to larger auidance and aim to reach at global community.